Welcome to the Acting Portfolio of Teddy Saunders.

Teddy started acting at age seven and has not stopped since. Growing up in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts he would write, direct, shoot and star in his own award-winning short films with friends. Today is not much different as Teddy’s expertise shines both in front of and behind a camera.
Known to be charming, expressive, fun-loving and sincere, Teddy takes pride in his wide range of performances. His friends refer to him as “Teddy Ninja” because he is a dexterous athlete, precise at everything he does due to his detail-orientated virgo perfectionist mindset.


Demo Reel:

Girls Guide to Depravity:

Eden (shot at Burning Man):

NCIS Opening Scene:

Characters from a Commercial Spoof:


Fun character stuff:

Volkswagen Commercial:

Voice Over




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